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Africa Prospect has been trading and facilitating new ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 30 years. We have the entrepreneurial skills necessary to assist foreign businesses to enter into these strategic and growing markets.

There are significant opportunities in these countries for foreign businesses however there are challenges in the form of entry obstacles, language, cultural and operating differences, barriers and tariffs, limited market intelligence and local expertise.

Africa Prospect gets you into the market, assists in developing the business, implements the sales activities and logistical support.

We have a network of staff and partners covering over 20 countries that have an in depth understanding and knowledge of these markets. We can provide the market solutions required for foreign businesses to enter these markets and trade.

Africa Prospect can provide market intelligence, develop market entry strategies, arrange introductions to local partners, senior politicians and business leaders, obtain local specialist advice on legal, finance and tax issues, project manage and establish local operations and supply logistical services.

We are involved for as long as a business needs assistance to get established and trading profitably. We will provide a total support solution to suit your particular needs to ensure your uncomplicated and successful entry into these markets.

Our membership of institutions such the Australian Institute of Export gives you access to established connections with a variety of organisations, companies and government bodies to facilitate support for ventures.


Africa Prospect has a network of experienced operators based in sub-Saharan Africa who have been developing new ventures in the region for decades; harness our experience and knowledge.

local  experts

Our African business specialists will facilitate the process for Australian business leaders seeking opportunities to develop a new venture in Sub-Saharan Africa.

strategy plus facts

Africa Prospect's team of experts have a wealth of knowledge built up over the years of project accomplishments, and really have the know-how of business operations in the various African countries.

Why choose Africa Prospect


Using African based research we can obtain country and market intelligence; making recommendations for your consideration.


Africa Prospect's team is experienced at planning, developing and identifying opportunities to meet the strategies of investment businesses.


Using our established network in the region, we know who to meet with and the processes required to make a new venture work.


In-depth knowledge and thorough understanding of what needs to be done on the ground to facilitate business ventures in sub-Saharan Africa.


Colin Van Der Merwe

Colin heads up the operations in Africa from a base in South Africa. He was born and grew up in Zambia where he developed many businesses that are still operating. Colin was a successful sportsman representing Zambia and this provided the opportunity to travel extensively in the region and develop a network of contacts that are still currently in existence.

Colin subsequently relocated to Johannesburg and has built an international trading company. He manages a team that constantly travels throughout the region and they are responsible for maintaining the connections, project management, trading and logistics.

Mark Bode

Mark heads up the Australian operations and is the initial contact for the Australian businesses seeking new opportunities in Africa. He has experience in trading in Africa and moved to Sydney to explore new opportunities.

Mark has worked at PWC and other consulting practices and companies and been directly involved with Austrade, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The NSW Business Chamber and the Department of Industry & Investment.

He developed and implemented new business and export strategies as well as conducted international market intelligence projects. He understands how these government agencies operate and what the demands of the local businesses are in terms of new ventures. He has been directly responsible for exports to the United Kingdom, France, India, Pakistan, Turkey, South Africa, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, The USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

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Our services include:

Research & Information

Consulting with you to determine the business new venture strategy

Using African based research to obtain country and market intelligence

Research report compilation and recommendations for consideration

Practical operational advice for business ventures in a particular country

Strategy & Funding

Developing a strategyto meet the company investment objectives

Using Identifying opportunities that meet the investing businesses strategy

Introduction to fund managers with available funds for Africa-specific projects

Implementation of the strategy on the ground in Africa

Connections& Support

Introduction to relevant political contacts who can expedite new ventures

Meeting with appropriate business contacts to facilitate the new venture

Introductions to local joint venture partners

Provision of logistical support and local sourcing for new ventures e.g. labour, equipment and products

Our experience:

Our teams in Africa have been trading and facilitating new business ventures in sub-Saharan Africa for many decades and have in depth knowledge and a thorough understanding of what needs to be done on the ground to make a new venture work.

In Australia we have worked with the large accounting and consulting practices and have been directly involved with Austrade, The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NSW Business Chamber and the NSW Department of Industry and Investment.

We have developed and implemented new business and export strategies as well as conducted international market intelligence projects. We have been directly responsible for exports to sub-Saharan Africa, United Kingdom, France, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, The USA, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Africa News Clips

Please note that these are headlines; more information is available upon request.

China’s role expands in developing Africa’s infrastructure needs

The rise and rise of China across the globe continues and one of the big roles China will play in Africa is in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Standard Bank Group’s economist Jeremy Stevens who is based in Beijing was recently reported in the media saying highly skilled Chinese companies will capitalize on their ability to provide cost-effective infrastructure solutions.

It has been estimated the cost of upgrading and maintaining Africa’s infrastructure is in the vicinity of US$100 billion per year. Since 2007 China has been funding about two-thirds of the Africa’s new infrastructure spending. This creates further downstream opportunities in banking services, accommodation and education. Jeremy Stevens has stated that China’s successes in Africa have changed Africa in many ways already, and Chinese investments are laying the tracks for Africa’s future progress, building schools, roads, and railways. “China has helped the continent unlock its commodity potential and its products are finding markets in Africa. Today, Africa is virtually unrecognisable from the Africa of a decade ago. However, the changes have only just begun and so has China-Africa commercial ties.”

It is believed that within the next 30 years, the number of African people living in cities will nearly double to 60% and the number of African cities with populations of more than 1 million people will also double in the next decade. This means that there will be a heavy dependence on upgrading infrastructure.

Without infrastructure development it will make it difficult for Africa to connect to global markets. Africa will require assistance in meeting the infrastructure demands placed on it by an urbanizing population and increased industrialization.  It is believed that China-Africa trade is expected to surpass US$300 billion in the next four years and incomes in Africa are expected to increase by 30% and move towards US$4000 per year in the next five years offering Chinese exporters the opportunity for a new marketplace for their goods. China will continue to be the largest importer of African resources going forwards. Furthermore, China’s emerging position in green technology will present unique opportunities for collaboration with Africa in the areas of hydro and solar power.
Yolanda Torrisi is a much-respected mining industry leader who founded The ASIA Miner magazine. Now as Chairperson of The African Mining Network, Yolanda comments on African mining issues and the growing global interest in the African continent.

Gateway to Booming African Economy

South Africa was the “gateway” to Africa’s booming economy and the UK wanted to capitalise on this by doubling its trade and investment with the country, according to British Prime Minister David Cameron. He added that the UK would improve trade relations in Africa which would help with economic growth and unemployment in the UK.
(Source: The New Age)

African middle class 300 million and growing

One in three Africans is middle class, a rising group of consumers to rival those in China and India, researchers have found. Record numbers of people in Africa own houses and cars, use mobile phones and the internet and send their children to private schools and foreign universities, according to the African Development Bank.
(Source: Guardian News & Media)

Private Investment Renaissance in Africa

At the recent World Economic Forum in South Africa, Shanta Devarajan, the World Bank's chief economist for Africa, told a colleague of mine: "There is a palpable sense of optimism around Africa and the private sector at the Forum, with delegates referring to Africa as an investment destination." The 2011 Africa Progress Report, launched at the forum, confirms this message saying that private sector partnerships are experiencing a "well-deserved renaissance".
(Source: Guardian News & Media)

Farmers trek north in Africa

White South African and Zimbabwean farmers are being courted by countries from the north who believe their agricultural expertise can stimulate an agrarian revolution. They are being offered millions of hectares of land. 22 countries in Africa have offered land to the farmers and the major banks are supporting the move and providing finance.
(Source: Guardian News & Media)

Nigeria: President Jonathan reviews economic policies

President Goodluck Jonathan has pledged to review some of the nation's economic policies in order to facilitate direct foreign investment to attract investors to commence production in the country.
(Source: Vanguard Media Limited)

Green light for Walmart acquisition

South Africa's anti-trust tribunal on Tuesday approved Walmart's bid for a 51 per cent stake in local firm Massmart, on condition the US retail giant not lay off any workers for two years. In January, Walmart signed a $US2.5 billion ($A2.34 billion) offer for a controlling stake in Massmart, which runs nine wholesale and retail chains with 288 stores in 14 African countries.
(Source: Inside Retailing)

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